And Summer is Gone

This is what I was up to these three last days:


It combines my two favorite things: watercolor and doodling. My mood is not too happy and I think it’s due to weather. Well, the weather is nice enough, but it’s got cold and the house has cooled down and cold makes me miserable. Nothing too bad, only it takes some acceptance. It happens every year: I simply cannot face the fact that summer is gone and that I need to live through another six months of cold and darkness. So, I am miserable. That’s ok.


Watercolor Doodles

I feel better today. The rain stopped, but the weather is cold and cloudy. I went for my morning run and then did some more watercolor doodles. They are easy to do and help me relax. Here are the two pages from today and yesterday:


And this is the close-up of the one on the left:


Even though I decided to rest yesterday, I did manage also to start last week’s lesson in Life Book. BTW next year’s Life Book is announced. I am allowed to get it, but only if after 1st January I am done with this year and at least one more of my courses. Otherwise it will not be open for consideration ๐Ÿ™‚ Ok, I said it, and you are free to stop following me if I break my promise…

Off to make some pancakes for breakfast now… Wish you a nice Wednesday!


Black Book Update

As I said in my last post, I have re-discovered my Black Book and one unfinished drawing inside. And having my new white ink to test, it was a perfect opportunity to finish it.


I loved doing the little details… This all reminds me of a stash of black paper I had somewhere… Hmmm…. I could make another Black Book… and get ready for January because I will do mu challenge again!

BTW, I am quite pleased with the ink ๐Ÿ™‚ and if you are wondering, it’s Schmincke Aerocolor acrylic ink and I used it in a Rotring 0.5 technical pen. Colored dots are Liquid Pearls.


The other day we were at a lake, sitting in the shade and drinking beer and I was watching the water randomly moving and reflecting light. It was quite a meditative moment in which I realized that the water color is not blue or green but strangely brownish with blue, white and even black. Quite beautiful. Inspired by that, I made this watercolor page in my journal.


An IG friend said it looks like donuts and after looking longer I thought it’s a bit like cinnamon rolls ๐Ÿ™‚

Here is a detailed shot. I used Daniel Smith Primatek and Schmincke watercolors. It’s such a joy to see them granulate and flow, especially the gold and sepia brown. Just look at that! I am in love with watercolors.


World Watercolor Month: Days 30 and 31

I finished the challenge two days ago and today I am sharing my last ATC. I am also adding a lesson from Life Book with Jane Davenport which fits nicely because it’s done in watercolors. Here they are:



I’ll have to try to catch up with all the course work until end of my holiday. Well, not all, because that will not be possible, but the main things… Ah well… I have to stop buying courses ๐Ÿ™‚

World Watercolor Month: Days 27-29

Finally I am back to normal. It’s rainy and cool and I can sleep again. The only thing that I miss about the seaside is my early morning swim. But a good night sleep is much more appreciated.

So, today I actually finished the last of my 31 ATCs, thereforeย I have accomplished my challenge. I will save that one to post tomorrow though because it’s still drying.

Today I am posting my work done over the past couple days of my seaside holiday. One is an ATC done with only two colors and the other one a larger piece done in my 5×8 Strathmore journal. Here they are: