Week 4-10 May 2015

Oh, this was quite a sad week, because my computer got broken… I was in the middle of preparing a new video when it happened. So, no video. Also not to much art. I finished week 19 in Life Book 2015:

Week 19 LB

I am having a major problem with photos too, because I need to send them by email to myself and then upload them over my work computer. I have ordered a new hard drive for my Mac, but it will take time to arrive and also more time to get everything installed, so I will have to manage like this. And this is not fun 😦

Enough complaining!

I’ve been carving stamps this weekend, and it extended to this week too, of course, I am hooked. I carved them before too, but now I got so many ideas for new ones… It will stop too, because I will run out of rubber and it is not easy to find here, I have to order it from the UK, which means shipping costs, which altogether with buying this HD for my computer is not much fun… But then, let’s hope it will all be good and in 2-3 weeks I will have a brand new super fast computer with so much space for my videos and paintings  🙂

So, no more photos for today. I will photograph the stamps I made and post them next week. I prepared some journal pages, as I was trying  my newly carved stamps on them. So looking forward to enriching them with some faces 🙂


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