11 May – 21 June 2015

Ok, this was a major issue with my computer, so i stopped all activities on my social media, except Instagram. Since last week everything is back to normal. I have got a new hard drive and I have managed to save all my photos an videos, so it’s all nice again.

I guess I cannot possibly post all the work I have done during this period, so let’s just start with the latest.

I have made a new art journal:


Here it is, on top of my old one. I have to say that this is so far the most successful binding I did 🙂 I am really rather proud of myself. I already started using it, however I am not posting anything from it yet. What I am going to show here is the front cover which I made over the weekend:


I so much like all the contrast of that page. Black and white are striking and all the bright colors are even brighter. I did hesitate a bit with the cover, because I did not have a good idea what to do, but then we got this lesson on Lifebook 2015 about how to make stencils, or better to say masks. I did my own stencils before, and I was planning to do some masks too, so this lesson came at the right time.

This is the piece I did for Lifebook 2015 for the lesson about stencils:


I enjoyed that one and I think there is long time ahead filled with cutting and masking and adding black and white doodles 🙂

The next piece is another lesson from Lifebook 2015 – Male Angel. Mine does not look too much like an angel. I was supposed to give it a wing, but it seems to me that I am not very much an angel person, and the idea of a male angel is even less appealing, so no wings for him. I like him anyway.


And finally, I have uploaded the video I prepared long ago, but it stayed imprisoned on my corrupted external drive. Here it is:

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