World Watercolor Month: Day 15

ATC, video, Watercolor

I had a busy day, but not so much doing art as with other things that needed my attention. So, I have only one ATC to show you which I did yesterday. I did another one today, but forgot to take a photo, and now it’s dark and it will have to wait until tomorrow. But I also have a video from yesterday for you! Surprise, surprise, it’s a seahorse!



World Watercolor Month: Days 13 and 14

ATC, Faces, video, Watercolor

I spent lots of time doing the lesson for Ever After, but I did not miss a day of watercolor. ATCs are quick and I need around 30 minutes to do one. This is perfect to get my daily dose of color and flow therapy! So, here is what I did:


This is ATC No. 14. Again a little intuitive face. I was so in love with the greens and blues that all my pieces in past two days were in this color combo. I did not use any yellow – what appears yellow is actually sap green.


ATC NO. 15. Same colors with a bit of gold. Ahhh… Makes my heart sing! I filmed this one, here’s the video:


And finally, because I was so excited about the seahorse that I made in my Ever After lesson, I had to try one more which is a bit closer to my current style. It started beautifully, but last night I just screwed it up with the dark frame, so I am really not happy with it.


This is a larger 5×7 cold pressed fabriano artistico paper. I really like this paper. So, that’s it. Of course, I started a new seahorse today, in different color combination and this time without the frame… You will see him soon.

ICAD: two videos

ICAD, Mixed Media, video, Watercolor

I am in the middle of experimenting with watercolors this month and it’s making me so happy. But last week I have recorded two videos, which I haven’t shared with you. They are already on YouTube. Both are ICAD projects, but also use watercolor, so I am not moving away from this month’s topic 🙂


They are very quick and simple cards, but were fun to make. ICAD is perfect project for experimenting with stuff. Something like this I would never do in my journal, but felt ok for the index card. A bit like card-making, which I never did in my life 🙂 So, I hope you will enjoy them… For tomorrow, I have a bright and colorful post in mind for World Watercolor Month challenge…

Eye in Watercolor

ATC, video, Watercolor

Getting ready for the World Watercolor Month… I thought I would try how it’s going to work, because I plan to paint on ATC size paper, just to be able to do one a day. I am not sure if it will be possible even that small. I have two art courses currently running, two more starting on July 1st, ICAD challenge and now this. Ah, yes, and a full time job and part time school. And I am known to bite more than I can chew, why do you ask? Anyways… Let’s keep the spirits up! This is what I did today:


It’s my very first realistic eye in watercolor. I did have a hard time doing it, so I am rather happy that it looks anything close to a decent eye 🙂 . It took a bit more than an hour… And here’s the video if you are curious to see how I suffered.

I think I do not like hot pressed paper… It’s quite unforgiving. I will try with cold pressed next time.


Art Journal, Faces, Mixed Media, video

Think, she says to herself, but do not overthink stuff. Collage, acrylic, modelling paste, watercolor on hot pressed watercolor paper.


And see her in the making:

ICAD: Coloring my Stamp

ICAD, Mixed Media, Ornaments, Stamp Carving, video

Remember that stamp from yesterday? So I thought it might be a good idea to use it on one of the index cards. I colored it with Sakura Glaze Pens. I love how they have the finish reminding of a ceramic tile :). Pity I cannot buy them here… Unfortunately, I have some nice people from the US who are always happy to support with hard to get supplies 🙂

ICAD 2016: 17/61 Video

Faces, Mixed Media, video

Yes… I am lazy. And I forget to blog too. But I recorded a video after a loooong time. I am doing ICAD challenge this year and enjoying it, because they are small and quickly done, and casual and colorful. Ok, this one was a bit complicated… Unfortunately, first third of the video is quite out of focus. It happens when you record your videos with Ipod 🙂