Week 31 August – 6 September 2015

Art Journal, Faces, Mixed Media, video

So… This week I was finishing with emotional overload and everything settled down and is back to normal. I have made this emotional spread in my art journal:

2015-09-01 09.14.14 1

I really love these two beings together and will probably do more of them soon. I also recorded a video of this page:

Next piece I did after watching Effy Wild’s post in Moon Journaling for August full moon:

2015-09-04 08.54.19 1

It’s representing my hidden inner identity… That’s how it felt at that particular moment 🙂

And then just for fun I did the back cover page of my big art journal, which is almost complete, there are just two more pages to finish:

2015-09-01 08.10.35 1

And one more spread in my art journal which was kind of fun to do:

IMG_20150904_084931 1

I filmed that one on the video too:

And then, something new – I have joined Book of Days: Facing Forward with Effy Wild. It’s a six weeks face painting course and this is Week 0 lesson, which is supposed to be the front cover of the journal. For me, it is not, because I already made the cover to this journal before, but the journal was empty otherwise and contains beautiful Fabriano Artistico paper, so I thought it’s perfect for this class 🙂

2015-09-06 09.43.30 1

Finally, I finished one more lesson from Art Journal Summer School. There are four more lessons to go. Actually the school finished, but I am a bit behind, so I have to put some effort into completing it, because I promised to myself that I will do all lessons in this school. And it would do no good not to keep a promise to myself, right?

2015-09-06 11.09.37 1


Week 20-26 July 2015

Art Journal, Faces, Mixed Media, video

I’ve had quite a busy week, artwise. Before I went on holiday I bought some alcohol inks to play with. I did not take them with me to holiday, because I had other plans. So I was so excited when I came back and saw them waiting for me at my desk. There was a little problem though: paper. In order to flow properly, they need glossy, non-absorbent surface, and of course, I did not have any. Why would I have glossy paper, when I use watercolor and acrylic?! So… I opened my journal and covered a page with gel medium… And it worked! I made these two:


It was quite ok, but the ink would not really flow, I had to blow it around, so no control whatsoever. Of course, I had to do something, and something meant going to the art shop for something glossy :). All I could find was glossy cardstock, so I bought several sheets, which were kind of A5 format. I wanted bigger, but I was not that lucky.

This is the next one I did:


So, the difference is obviously quite remarkable. It is flowing, very much flowing… Beautiful 🙂 No need to blow…

I was very happy with all that, so I recorded a video;

Next I finished a piece for Art Journal Summer School which was about creating animals from wash tape:


And then a lesson for Life Book 2015, which was about intuitive layering:


And to end with, I made another entry into my art journal about elephants and whales being killed by people… It’s what the writing is about which is probable not possible to read… I was triggered by the elephant stencil I received from ClarityStamp and a post about whales being killed in some traditional event on Faroe Islands. Anyway… It turned out nice and I really love it. Plus it looks quite cool on my new black desk 😉


22-28 June 2015

Art Journal, Faces, Mixed Media, video

Hello World!

I am not going to let this week slip by without the blog post, eve though I have a lot of work and keep postponing the blogging. So, here it comes.

Last week was really productive, I recorded two more videos. One is a black and white face done with charcoal and gesso on a colorful background:

The other one is a two page spread in my art journal, done with acrylics, a photo of my older artwork, modelling paste, hand made stencil…. There is a face also, actually a moon face, done quickly, but it turned out rather nice.

Here’s the closeup of the moon face 🙂


11 May – 21 June 2015

Art Journal, Faces, Mixed Media, video

Ok, this was a major issue with my computer, so i stopped all activities on my social media, except Instagram. Since last week everything is back to normal. I have got a new hard drive and I have managed to save all my photos an videos, so it’s all nice again.

I guess I cannot possibly post all the work I have done during this period, so let’s just start with the latest.

I have made a new art journal:


Here it is, on top of my old one. I have to say that this is so far the most successful binding I did 🙂 I am really rather proud of myself. I already started using it, however I am not posting anything from it yet. What I am going to show here is the front cover which I made over the weekend:


I so much like all the contrast of that page. Black and white are striking and all the bright colors are even brighter. I did hesitate a bit with the cover, because I did not have a good idea what to do, but then we got this lesson on Lifebook 2015 about how to make stencils, or better to say masks. I did my own stencils before, and I was planning to do some masks too, so this lesson came at the right time.

This is the piece I did for Lifebook 2015 for the lesson about stencils:


I enjoyed that one and I think there is long time ahead filled with cutting and masking and adding black and white doodles 🙂

The next piece is another lesson from Lifebook 2015 – Male Angel. Mine does not look too much like an angel. I was supposed to give it a wing, but it seems to me that I am not very much an angel person, and the idea of a male angel is even less appealing, so no wings for him. I like him anyway.


And finally, I have uploaded the video I prepared long ago, but it stayed imprisoned on my corrupted external drive. Here it is:

Week 27 April – 3 May 2015

Art Journal, Faces, Mixed Media, video

I’ve had quite an arty week, which often happens when I work from home and do not have to waste time traveling to the office… I put a video of my new art journal creation process on YouTube, you can view it here:

Probably it is not easy to follow the process on the video. That is why I plan to put instructions on my blog next time when I make another journal. Maybe someone will find it useful.

Then, as you could see from the last post, if you read it, I decorated the front page of the journal, which I also recorded on the video and it can be watched here:

And then, nothing could stop me from recording another video, this time of the inside of the front cover:

I thought it’s a good idea to document the whole journaling process on this new journal, so I will be recording page by page as I go. It may be interesting to see in the end, who knows.

Last week I also finally did one of the Life Book 2015 lessons, which was Week 17. It was very challenging, but I am very pleased with the result:


I am sorry now that I did not take photos of work in progress, because they would be really worth seeing. It started as a rather Neanderthal looking, with eyes high in her forehead, but I thought, ok, so what, she will just be who she is. Then, I just could not do it, so I took titanium buff acrylic pain and painted over her whole face. Then I started again. I used clear gesso over the acrylic and so I could draw on top of it. The materials here are charcoal and inktense blocks with some white acrylic, so obviously it would not be possible to use them over acrylic. This girl looked very angry to start with. I guess she was really pissed because I took me so long to make her. At the end she softened, probably happy to be, just as I am 🙂 And yes, her mouth was painted over with white acrylic at some point, and then gessoed over and then done again. Clear gesso became my best friend, I did not know it was so useful and so nice to draw on 🙂

And finally for the last week, another entry in my new journal:

IMG_0606The background done with distress ink and distress stains and a new stencil. Then a layer of clear gesso, and then the face over it done with charcoal, inktense blocks and a bit of white acrylic. I left it pretty sketchy. I was a quick art journal page after all. Of course, I filmed it and will post the video this or next week 🙂 And here are some details:


IMG_0600 IMG_0603 IMG_0605

Week 30 March – 5 April 2015

Faces, Mixed Media, video

Oh, this was a very art filled week. I was doing faces and a monthly journal page for March. I also recorded and posted two videos!

This is the first face (actually face No.4) that I did not finish last week:


She has little ears 🙂 and her hair is a bit like mine… The background was done with masking fluid and watercolour.

Then, I started last week using my new hot pressed paper block and I am enjoying it so much. The paper is great, smooth and can take layers and layers of color and other stuff. I am very happy with it. This is the second piece I did on that paper:


I did the face with watercolour and soft pastel, then glued down the napkin around the face and then covered it with some watercolor. The hair is done with scrap paper and glass beads. I thought some quilling elements could give nice texture and dimension to it. I also got a new border punch last week, so I used it for her… Ehm… Shirt 🙂


Afterwards, I was thinking maybe I should practice more shading on the face, so I looked around on the Internet for some inspiration. Actually what I used is an IG picture made by Juna Biagioni (she does beautiful faces), and looked at how she shaded her faces. This is the result:


There are two layers of watercolour on this one. Then the continuation is this:


Face finished with addition of more watercolour, graphite and soft pastel and napkin glued down around. Also, her hair is ready on the left hand side. And here is the finished product:


And the final face:


I recorded the process for this one. It can be seen here:

And finally, my journal page for March:


I filmed that one too:

Week 2-8 March 2015

Mixed Media, video

Yes, I forgot to write the post for last week. I forgot even to put on my to-do list, which is obviously the reason I forgot it in the first place. Or the second place 🙂

Whatever… I finished on Sunday the gold-leaf project for Life book 2015. It is here:

Photo 07-03-15 08 53 45 Photo 07-03-15 08 54 08 Photo 07-03-15 08 54 15

The original assignment was to make a boat on which we would use gold leaf. I was not inspired by that idea, so I thought to make these flowers, using the same pattern I used for the dandelions from the last week. Gold leafing was quite a pleasure, but I talked about it already last week.

I also finished editing the video about my February Journal page, which can be seen here:

Week 23 February – 1 March 2015

Mixed Media, video

Some virus was playing with my nose and throat this week, and I was pretty scared that I will end up with the flu, the horrible flu which almost nobody from the office could avoid. I took some preventive herbal nose and throat spray and it helped. So, yes, I think I am out of it.

I did two line drawings on Wednesday, but did not scan them, so they will have to wait for another post. On Sunday there was again the arty morning: I made a journal page with a pattern from one of those Wednesday drawings. Here it is:

Photo 03-03-15 12 53 11

It buckled a bit… And here are some details:

Photo 01-03-15 09 51 40 (1) Photo 01-03-15 09 51 40

I also recorded the process and the video is here:

Another thing that I did on Sunday morning was my Monthly Journal Page:

Photo 03-03-15 08 21 46

I decided to document each month this year, so I write important things that happen, add important photos and list movies that I watched, books I read, and so on. I filmed this one too, but did not have time to edit the video. I will do it tomorrow I think.

And here’s the Monthly Journal Page I did for January:

Photo 02-03-15 08 53 31

And, as I already have the photo of this weeks project I am posting it:

Photo 03-03-15 12 52 50

I am working on a piece for Life Book 2015, which includes using gold leaf. I first thought I would skip this lesson, but then watched the video on Saturday and I thought I ma do it.. It was fun. I used double sided adhesive sheet, as I did not have any special glue for gold leaf. This worked perfectly – I cut the circles and stuck them on the page and then removed the other protective foil from he adhesive sheet and put the gold leaf on. How cool is that? I just need to do the flowers around them. I think I will use the same dandelion pattern from the Sunday journal…

Daisies (Week 9-15 February 2015)

Mixed Media, video

This was a nice week. I was busy with office work, but I found time to do some line art and also to record two videos. What occupied me most was Claritystamp challenge. I decided I will enter the challenge for the first time (mostly because I finally have the necessary stamp!). Here is my work:


It was challenging, because I have never done stamp masking and layering before. I’ve seen videos, so I knew the technique, but I did have some trouble with positioning the masks – probably could have marked them somehow or thought about not turning the stamp around 🙂 Anyway, it went well…

Here are some details:


And the video: