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Well, if it’s not Lola, it’s something else. Lola was fine thankfully, but I got a pinched nerve in my shoulder and for two days could not move my little finger and also did not sleep almost at all for two nights. Since I had a lot of time and could not do anything, I downloaded an app called Procreate Pocket, which is kind of Procreate for iPhone, because I do not have an iPad. So I played a bit with it once the pain got bearable and made a wonky mandala (first photo), Then once I could hold a mouse I tried to see how it works with exporting it from Procreate to Photoshop, and I can report a success. Made just a very simple pattern because the drawing does not deserve better, but it’s good to know that there is that option. Today I continued to extract elements from a watercolor painting, the job I started before the shoulder hit me. The idea was to extract element by element and then recombine them into a seamless pattern. The last photo is two flowers combined into a pattern. Tomorrow I continue.


pattern design

Take me to a Happy Place

New patter from a watercolor painting I did two years ago. The colors make me happy. The weather has improved today and the sun came out. I hope we will have a beautiful day, despite it being Monday… I feel unsettled and worried… There is a full list of chores to attend to, so I better start working on crossing them out. It may help me focus and feel better…


pattern design

GreenWatercolorFlowersPink Red FlowersWindy Flowers

Did I really miss more than one month of blogging? It certainly did not feel that long. The main reason was Lola was sick. She’s got a bad case of gastritis caused most probably by multiple food intolerances. It was bad, stressful, sad and horrible. It sucked all my energy, ruined my sleep and wrecked my creativity. All I could do was watch her and wait for any sign that would tell me something was wrong again. Because I overthink and overworry and overpanick. It’s not only that the dog is unwell, but I add to the burden triple-fold by expecting and imagining bad things happening. Anyway…

I did some art and created some patterns, but I am so far behind in all my challenges. I realised I really don’t care. Because no matter how important art is for me, it is not the most important thing obviously. So, here are three patterns I made in last three days. There was more certainly, but now I lack the energy to search for photos. So some stuff will not get posted to this blog. It does not matter.

The weather has been terrible. It’s raining almost every day and we are dressed like in late autumn, all with socks and padded jackets and rain coats. Gloomy skies just add to my tiredness and lack of motivation. So yeah… it’s Sunday, it’s dark and raining, the day has just started and I wish I could go back to bed and wake up in some better time.


pattern design

DarkRedFlowers DBDarkRedFlowers LB

I am continuing my pattern making with this card which I posted a few days ago. We had a great time in Slovenia, the weather was just perfect and we did a lot of work in the garden, picked up many strawberries and played ball for minutes and minutes. Lola gets really excited about having such a huge garden to run around and she is so happy there, so we do many short running arounds during the day because we have to be mindful of the heat and the fact that she is unfortunately prone to getting a heat stroke due to breathing difficulties. And no, she does not know when it’s time to stop and she would run until she falls down, which, of course, I prevent in time. πŸ™‚

We came back on Sunday in the horrible weather in Hungary. We got stuck in the traffic jam on the highway on our way back. Stupid me, forgetting that driving on Sunday afternoon is a big no-no. Frankly I was not expecting so many people already driving around due to pandemics and what not. Obviously, I was wrong.

So, now we are back home, today we used a couple of hours when the rain stopped to go to the local building material shop and buy tiles for the garden, It was a success, so I can finally provide the data to the gardener and finalize the deal with him. Obviously, they will not be able to start in August as planned, because I think everything is delayed due to bad weather. Anyway… I hope the tiles will not stay in front of the house until next year. Gasp!


pattern design

12/61. It’s Saturday and I am going to meet a friend. There is still a lot of work in the garden but we managed to clean the majority of the tall grass and to free our raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. Strawberries need more work. It’s going to be another hot day… better enjoy it while we can because already tomorrow the weather will spoil again.


pattern design

Success πŸ˜ƒ We are in Slovenia! There was no border check, nothing. The weather is great. The grass in the garden is waist tall, but there are lots of strawberries still and raspberries are starting to bloom. Everything is good apart from a few house plants that died unfortunately πŸ™. We were cleaning the garden and terrace all day long and then went food shopping in the afternoon. No age limit in the shops here and people are much more relaxed than in Hungary. Almost no masks, except shop employees and just a few others including us. Lola was thrilled running in the big garden and now she is happily snoring 😊


pattern design

Happy Circles 50Happy Circles 20IMG_3654

This is what I did today. Actually I started the card two days ago, but only finished it this morning. It really took time. Also, I didn’t have time yesterday as we went searching for tiles for the driveway, which took us a couple hours and then there was work to do and so it went that yesterday I did not make a pattern. No big deal, I am telling myself that I will not create more stress by desperately trying to keep up when I cannot. Still…

Anyway… today I managed to finish this one and I really like the pattern. I also took Lola to the vet for a rabies shot. She was very nervous and shaking, poor baby, but all went well. Tomorrow we travel to Slovenia. I hope they will let us in and then out again… What weird thoughts…

So there will be a pause in pattern making for a couple days, because obviously I cannot take my computer with me, but I will definitely take the index cards and markers, so there will hopefully be some starting points for new patterns once I come back πŸ™‚


pattern design

BeansIMG_3647Whimsical LeavesIMG_3649

Oops… Missed a day! Life is getting busy as we are getting out of the covid mess, so I am having less and less time. I will probably need to slow down a bit, especially because we are planning to travel next week, so I will not be able to make patterns, but I will do the cards. At least this is what I plan. Who knows what will tomorrow bring.

Anyway… it does not make sense to think about tomorrow, so here are the two patterns and two index cards with drawings. The first one I made very quickly yesterday after meeting my new group of surface pattern tribe ladies. The second one took a lot of time today because of the black outlines I decided to draw because it somehow lacked the contrast. And then it took a long time to redraw the missing leaves in photoshop… I am rather pleased with the outcome though.